Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Ah...the big one. Everybody knows, or think they know what love is. It's just that it is next to impossible to describe. So let me give it a shot.

Love is the ultimate expression of the self through complete selflessness.

There. I've said it. What does it mean exactly? 

Love is the perfect contradiction. 

It is the something which comes from nothing. 
It is receiving which comes from giving. 
It is power felt in a friend. 
It is the wholeness which comes from loss, the sweetness joined with the bitter. 
It is the world where according to Shakespeare: "Nothing is but what is not."

Love causes the sickness while being the cure.
Love is who we are, expressed in other people.
Love is what happens when what you tried so hard for comes without trying.
Love is an eternal moment.
Love is the liberating straitjacket, the freedom which comes from the infinity of a confined space.
Love is everywhere and nowhere.
Love feeds and nourishes you while making you hungry.
Love is both comfort and pain all wrapped into one.
Love is universal and very, very singular.
Love is the happiest you've ever been and a sadness whose depth knows no bottom.

It is not for nothing that they say that love comes from the heart, for the only way to make your life full and your heart whole is to empty it by giving it whole-heartedly and totally to someone else.


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  1. The pictures capture not only your creative talents, but reflect the life that has shaped your view finder!
    Proudly and with love, Mom