Saturday, 25 May 2013


I was just messing around looking at the statistics of this know, how many people have viewed it, how many posts I have done....and the trend is not my friend, really. More than 7300 people have viewed it, which in the greater scheme of thing is nothing. To wit: Gangnam style had over a billion and a half hits. But 7300 is the size of a small town (bigger than the town I came from, actually). Maybe it is the title...a bit obscure I realise, but set up really as an advice place for my son (thus the old man sobriquet). Maybe it is of no interest. No matter, hopefully at some point someone read something I wrote, or looked at a video, or saw a picture, and nodded their head and said: yeah.

That would make it all worthwhile, and if that is the case, then thanks for taking the time.

I also looked at the number of posts by year, since this has been up for about five years. They drop by about 25% per year. There are some worth revisiting, some even I look at now and nod my head. So that in and of itself makes the whole venture worthwhile.

We live life in a digital world where nothing is but what is not. Everything is temporal, and like stones being tossed into a pond we will leave a few ripples and then disappear.

Apparently the ether which is the internet will not disappear, so somewhere on a server or set of servers this digital record will survive, and someone in the future might, and I say might, just wonder who the hell Your Old Man was and what the hell he had to say.


  1. As father's day approaches here I'm shaking my head and wishing my old man had left more of himself than he did. Toby is fortunate and so are we. Thank you and Happy Father's Day.