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Paddling the North Knife

A journal of The Mid Life Canoe Club
August 1999

Links to Sites to help plan and prepare for your trip
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In any successful endeavor, you must start beforethe beginning. These links will give you a head start. Remember, as Abe Lincoln once said: "If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I would spend five of them sharpening my axe."


The weather in Churchill Manitoba

Celsius  Fahrenheit
Convert from Celsius to Fahrenheit and Vice Versa

You must realize that the weather in
 these parts turns cold quickly and with a vengeance. Thus the trip you plan must
 be in July and August. Any later, and you will freeze your butt off. Any
 earlier, and it could still be winter.

Canoeing Outfitters and Relevant Sites

Old Town Canoe

Old Town were the canoes we used.
Having never done a similar trip, I cannot vouch for others.

Camp Kooch-i-ching in Minnesota is where this started with Dexter going there 50 years ago and Randy following on in the 60s. I never went, but whatever spirit this camp instills in its alumni, I want more of that...

Plane Flight

LaRonge Aviation Service           
Charter Service/Float Planes
 Box 940, Lynn Lake
 Tel: 1 204 356 2457
 Contact:   Nancy Clark
Flights from Lynn Lake on
Dehavilland Twin Otters. The folks at LaRonge will drop you and your canoes off at a lake at the head of the river. The plane is big enough for 3 canoes inside
 it. The rest is up to you.

Doug Webber
BushPilot, Entrepreneur and Adventurer
Dymond Lake Air Services Ltd.
Box 304, Churchill, MB
R0B 0E0 Based at: Churchill
tel: (204) 675-8875

Doug has a Beaver Float Plane. He will take up to two canoes per trip, strapped onto the floats. He is very
 experienced, and can pick up people at the bay at the end of the Seal, Caribou,or North Knife Rivers and fly you back to Churchill
Town Guides

The End of the road...literally. If you are driving up from Winnipeg, this is as far as you'll get. It is from Lynn Lake that you will get a charter flight up to one of the lakes or the rivers(Caribou, Seal, or North Knife)


The Polar Bear Capital of the World
 and the terminus for all Hudson Bay canoe trips


Dymond Lake Lodge
Webber's Lodges
 Main Address :
 Box 304
 Churchill , MBR0B 0E0
 Phone : (204) 675-8875
 Fax : (204) 675-2386
 Five star service, five star food, five star lodging, and adventure to boot. Doug Webber has enough stories to let you dine out on your own adventure for months, and knows everything about the area.


Maps are indispensable. The Natural Resources maps of Canada, in particular,  not only show your river and the surrounding area, they show elevations and all
 manners of natural and man made objects They can be used to plot each day's activity and plan accordingly

All of these links will give you a variety
 of gear via the net. You are, of course, probably better off just dropping by Walmart, taking your list of supplies, and meandering up and down the aisles with a shopping cart. Less intrepid, but cheaper. Don't skimp on the dry bags though.

National Outdoor  Leadership Schools
NOLS website

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